“Never” lied?

Trump told the truth once, but the team I have searching the internet is still working hard to try to dig it up. Please check back for updates.



Trump later confirmed that his previous comment about telling the truth was in fact a lie, in order to play an inside joke on his Fox & Friends pals, who had been confused by the seeming factual accuracy of the original statement.

Longing to Fire Him?

As the Mueller investigation gets closer to the truth, Donald Trump looks for others he can fire as well.



Democrats, and anyone who knows anything about anything, haven't had to feign their rage over the firing of James Comey. They had never had any reason to question the integrity of his performance as Director of the FBI from 2014 to 2017. It was the same thing for Republicans, until they abandoned their own patina of integrity and doubled down on whatever the President wanted.

Senator John McCain was concerned about James Comey's firing ("this is not a good thing for America"), and said that in the Mueller investigation into ties between Trump and Russia, "there will be more shoes to drop."

Senator James Risch praised Comey, saying "America needs more like you, and we really appreciate it."

Senator Jeff Flake said there was no "acceptable rationale" for firing Comey.

Donald Trump himself said that "it took guts for Director Comey" to initiate a review of Hillary Clinton just weeks before the 2016 election.

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Not political?

No, not in the sense that he knows anything about politics.



There have been a couple of times when Republicans have slammed the President, but alas very few when the rabidly conservative media have done so.

Mitch McConnell offered to press the button for Diet Coke on Mr. Trump's desk, and later complained that the President refused to allow McConnell to have one for himself. He sulked alone on the sofa with a Fresca instead, while the President pretended to read some daily briefings at his desk.

Paul Ryan claims that he calls his right bicep "Donald" but his weaker left bicep "Trump" because of the President's lack of full support for Ryan's health care plan.

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy once said that President Trump's tie was just a tad too long.

Fox News's Sean Hannity later regretted the President convincing him to get that "MAGA" tramp stamp tattoo.


That's a fancy word for either lying, or committing some dramatic actions in order to distract people from something you don't want them to hear about.



No matter what the President or the Republican National Committee do to distract from the facts - say, bomb another nation or desperately set up a website in advance of a mere book being published - Mr. Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that his words and actions simply defy the comprehension of us unstable geniuses.

WAYNE: So, did you see what the President did yesterday?

WAYNE'S FRIEND: I just can't understand it.

WAYNE: I know what you mean. I'm getting to the point where it's not crazy and funny and stupid anymore. It's just scary.


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